Measure Tips

How do I measure for the right amount of RECwood™ I need?
Measure the width and height of your space in inches (with a tape measure) and then write it down. Use a calculator to multiply the width and height of the area you want to cover. Divide the total number of inches by 144. Add 5% to the total to allow for waste to ensure you have enough planks to complete the project.

Installation Tips

1. Clear your wall of objects which may interfere with your installation. In the event that there are pictures hung, TV's mounted, or any other hardware/fastener present, first identify the type of fastener (Example: Nail or Screw) and use the proper extraction tool to safely remove the object while causing the least amount of damage to your wall. NOTE: RECwood Planks can be installed safely over drywall or 1/2" plywood.

2. If purchasing more than one box of RECwood™, open all your boxes to mix and match you planks for desired appearance. Consider the color of each plank and create a balanced blend throughout the project on the floor in front of the wall.

3. Cool Tip: Use Flat Black Spray Paint and pre-spray the wall (during installation) behind the naturally occurring holes in the planks. The holes are typical and expected in authentic reclaimed wood. This avoids the task of painting the entire wall prior to installation recommended by the “other guys”.

4. Decide on a pattern and start laying up your planks. Begin in the upper left corner of the wall against the ceiling. Ensure from row to row, no single joint lines up with a pre-existing joint already installed above or below. By staggering your planks (by size and color), you will achieve a much more pleasing aesthetic appearance.

5. Use a miter box and saw, or for experienced users, a powered miter saw, to trim to proper length as needed. RECwood Planks™ come in boxes of 20 SF, with varying lengths from 44" - 48" allowing the consumer to choose the length desired, rather than the checker board look more common in other products.

6. Once planks are installed, ensure all boards are secured safely and desired look is achieved! Cool Tip: To give your planks an extra step of security and stability, simply use a manual staple/brad nail gun which can be found at any hardware store.

7. Once your custom planks are finished, don't forget to try our custom "Corner Completer Strips" Available for purchase online and at all our proud distributors nation-wide.

8. Maintain the timeless beauty of RECwood Planks™ by simply vacuuming o dust with a brush attachment. Do not use furniture polish or cleaners. Crayons and magic marker mishaps can be carefully removed with a warm-damp wash cloth.


How do I maintain RECwood™ Planks?
Maintain the timeless beauty of RECwood™ by vacuuming off dust with a brush attachment. Do not use furniture polish or cleaners. Crayons and magic marker mishaps can be carefully removed with mineral spirits or paint thinner.

When can I expect my order to arrive?
Samples will typically ship the same day. Full Plank orders ship within 10 business days from your order date. Rush services are available for a 25% up-charge. Rush orders ship within 3 business days. Please click the "Rush Order Box" in the shopping cart during check out. Call us for orders of 150 sq. ft. or more for a more exact delivery date and quantity discounts.

What shipping methods do you have?

Shipping costs will be calculated at check out. RECwood™ is shipped via UPS ground. Each box contains 20 sq. ft. of reclaimed barn plank. Approximate weight per box: 25 lbs.