Sustainable home design is one of the hottest trends at the moment, as well as being the need of the hour. More and more people are waking up to the fact that our trees and forests are in danger, and everybody needs to do their bit to battle deforestation. One way you can save an extra tree from being cut down for the sake of house construction is by making use of reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is the construction material derived from the wood that makes up torn down barns, homes, factories and other dwelling places. The aim of using reclaimed wood is to reuse wood that has already been used once instead of cutting down a new tree. Here are some reasons why using reclaimed wood in your house should be a priority:

1. It Helps the Environment

The more reclaimed wood planks you use, the less trees are cut. This means there are more trees available to consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

2. It Lends Character to the Surroundings

Reclaimed wood planks comes with their own backstory and history. The marks and cuts on the wood surface were created over a long period of time in which the wood passed through the hands of multiple owners through the ages. Naturally, using such types of material will give your house a special character and energy, and lend an old-world charm to the whole surrounding atmosphere.

3. Contains Natural Colors

Something about using fresh wood paneling makes the house look too brand new to be entirely casual and comfortable. With reclaimed wood, your house will exude a homely, lived in quality that will add some natural color to all the surfaces that carry modern, artificial color.

4. Provides a Talking Point

Every time you call over friends to your house, your boards and beams made of reclaimed wood will provide great conversations to the company. Everyone will want to know what the history behind a particular wall or flooring, and each carving on the surface of the wood will take on its own meaning and significance.

Now that you know what using reclaimed wood can do for your home decor, here are some tips on using this kind of wood properly:

1. Wall Panels

You can create the entire wall out of reclaimed wood planks, or you can provide a top layer of the wood to the existing wall to give it a classy, naturally aged look. The warm, earthy tone of the planks will make any room that houses them take on its own character and history.

2. Flooring

There's something about a wooden floor that appears warm and inviting. The soft and sturdy build provided by the wood goes easy on your feet and also provides a rich, lived-in feel to your home.

3. Furniture

There are many kinds of furniture available on the market that make use of reclaimed wood. You can choose from among a wide variety of chairs, stools, shelves and tables which will add something unique and special to your home decor.

4. Counters

Several interactions occur everyday over the kitchen counter, and adding a reclaimed wood paneling to the counter will provide a warm, human touch to the entire area. There's something far more comforting about leaning against a soft and warm wooden counter instead of cold, hard marble.

So for your next home-remodeling session, remember the variety of uses for reclaimed wood, and all that it can do to make your house unique, interesting and environment-friendly! And then head over to RECwood for the best deals on quality reclaimed wood!

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For people who live in the city, their perception of how country people live is often cliched. Country homes move forward with the times as much as city homes, and their interior decoration should reflect this fact. Here are some ways you can add taste and elegance to your modern country house:

1. Avoid Over-Matching

One temptation that country house designs often fall prey to is using the same color of reclaimed wood wall panels and flooring for every surface of the house. This make the interior look boring, and also limits your options in terms of adding new elements to the design unless it matches that specific color of reclaimed wood. Instead, you can mix and match the standard reclaimed wood wall panels with some new options that help give a modern look to your house in addition to providing variety in terms of the decoration.

2. Go for Good Proportions

A country house comes with a different set of dimensions than a city home. The atmosphere surrounding the country house is also markedly different from that of the city. Country houses can give you the opportunity to reclaim the wide open spaces of nature, and this is something your house's design can help accomplish. Make use of the expanded space at your disposal to give the house a huge, airy feel. Avoid using too much of reclaimed wood which make rooms look smaller. An open floor plan and rooms that are connected to each other can present the illusion that a room is much bigger than it actually is.

3. Use Colors which Pop

Away from the city, out in the woods and wilderness, it can be a pretty quiet and slow life in an aging country house. This can give the impression of boredom or even depression to the occupants and guests. To avoid making the house look like an old mausoleum, experiment with bright, primary colors to contrast against the dark hues of the reclaimed wood wall panels. Avoid colors which are too jarring, but bright splashes of color can make the whole house a more cheerful place to live in.

4. Make Use of Old Artifacts

You know the things that old houses carry with them that new city houses cannot match? Character and a history. Make use of any leftover reclaimed wood or masonry that your country house has to offer and create a piece of decoration that draws the attention of visitors. Use the reclaimed wood to create indoor paneling which has a classy, aged feel to it, and it will exude warmth and character for all to see.

5. Add some Modern Elements as well

At the end of the day, just because your house is in the country does not mean it cannot contain elements of city houses as well. Fit your kitchen and bathroom with the latest plumbing designs. The shiny new taps and faucets will help bring your house out of the past century into the present one, and provide a pleasing contrast to the rest of the layout of the house. Remember, living in the countryside does not necessitate giving up on all the comforts and modern day designs that today's fashion has to offer, and installing the latest kitchen and bathroom utilities also makes your life easier.

So we see that country home designs don't need to be kitschy or old fashioned. You can explore your inner sense of design just as much in the country as in the city. To get the best deals on quality reclaimed wood for your makeover, head over to RECwood today!

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